Warranty for Raised Garden Furniture


Due to high levels of corrosion, the product is not recommended for use within 500m of severe industrial and marine environments such as breaking surf or heavy industry. While the product will survive quite well, rust may occur on the steel mini orb and steel brackets. No warranty is offered for highly corrosive environments.

Warranty*: A 12 year manufacturer’s warranty (warranty against defects) is provided on the product where it is not placed directly onto soil, and is situated further than 500m from the ocean, any largesalt water body or heavy industrial site such as mines. No warranty is provided for the product situated within 500m of any saltwater or heavy industry environment.

A 5 year warranty  (warranty against defects) is provided if the product is placed directly onto soil, grass or dirt without any liner or protective barrier between the outside corrugated steel and the ground.


Testing: For your peace of mind, this raised garden bed has been tested for 4 years in a typical Sydney backyard, sitting directly on soil & exposed to the elements, and shows no sign of rust, corrosion or timber rot. The timber has been oiled twice over that period, for testing purposes, but ideally should be oiled every 12mths.

*Warranty is conditional on complying with assembly and use & care instructions supplied with product, and also available for download from this website. The Supplier reserves the right to repair and/or replace any component deemed defective at their discretion. Evidence of the defection may be required before repair/replacement or refund is provided.

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