Testing the Product

Test Furniture

This is the original inspiration for the birth of Speaking Australian™ raised garden furniture. It was created by the owner, as he could not find someone that could provide an off the shelf or custom made solution.

It is now more than 5 years old (the arbor was built more recently) and has been oiled twice in that time (be careful with the tin of oil and don’t accidentally knock it onto the pavers like happened here! It’s very difficult to remove the oil stain).  It is sitting directly on dirt without a liner underneath, and is obviously exposed to the weather. It shows no sign of rust on the steel, and the timber is still looking new.

This design is more complex than the standard Speaking Australian™ furniture, as it was designed as a turtle enclosure instead of a garden bed. Speaking Australian plans to expend its design range in the future to provide different modular shape options. The current frame assembly process has been specifically designed for this purpose, but in the mean time, purchasing 2 of them and butting them against each other can achieve a similar L-shaped result.

The owners of Speaking Australian™ are confident that if it can look this good after 5 years, then with proper care and occasional simple maintenance, it will comfortably outlast its 12yr warranty  (or 5yr warranty if placed directly onto soil)!

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