Specification of Raised Garden Furniture


Weight and Dimensions

Total assembled garden furniture weight (approximate): 40kg
Delivery weight (approximate): 1 x 20kg pack, 1 x 24kg pack. Caution use proper lifting techniques when handling product!
Length: 1700 mm
Width: 1306 mm
Height: 435 mm (equivalent to average outdoor setting seat height)
Garden bed length: 1530 mm (allowing for timber overlap at ends, 1610 mm to inside aluminium end)
Garden bed width: 790mm
Seating width: 258 mm

Weight of assembled garden furniture without Timber seating:  26kg. This weight is provided for individual lifting & final positioning of product once assembled, without the timber seating in place (see Preparation & Positioning)



Turpentine is an Australian native and is sustainably grown on the NSW north & Qld coast. The timber used is the same size as standard decking timber (85mm width), so will naturally blend in with any outdoor decking area. Turpentine is termite resistant and with an occasional oiling will last and look good for decades. Turpentine is the timber of choice for marine applications due to its resistance to borers, both land and marine based. Turpentine is also fire resistant.

Most decking used in Australia is Merbau, sourced from South East Asia (Indonesia, PNG, Fiji), much of it harvested illegally. Merbau is not a sustainable timber, and of course is not Australian. Other Australian hardwoods such as Jarrah grown in WA are being over-exploited so Speaking Australian avoids using these as well.



The mini-orb steel used with the garden beds is BlueScope Steel, made in NSW and fabricated by BlueScope Lysaght. BlueScope uses 20% recycled steel in the manufacture of the Mini-Orb. The current product range available is Zincalume, Pale Eucalypt and Headland. Pale Eucalypt and Headland colours reflect both the green and red hues that blend into gardens and decking, as well as being close to the colour of Eucalypt bark, shown in the columns on the sides of this website.


Aluminium Tubular Frame & Sheeting

The aluminium square tube and sheeting is manufactured in the Hunter Economic Zone by Ullrich just south of Kurri Kurri. Its light weight, corrosion resistance and strength ensure the product will last for many years. The aluminium sheet internal lining provides a barrier against the garden soil, and allows separate storage space for tools and other garden items under the seating. It also protects the steel mini-orb from coming into direct contact with the dirt, prolonging its lifespan.


Frame Brackets

The brackets are steel welded for strength and nylon encased for corrosion resistance. They are manufactured in Perth.


Sourced from Bremick, a wholly Australian owned company, these Australian designed fasteners are designed to secure steel roofing and walling through metal. They are “Class 3” zinc coated, meaning they are suitable for moderate industrial and marine environments. They have a 12yr warranty for properties more than 300m from marine and severe industrial environments. They have a 30yr warranty for inland towns and cities, so you can rest assured they will not rust over the years you own the bed.


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