Photo Series: In your own back yard

In your own back yard series:

Your own backyard has amazing photos if you look for them. It means something special to you as well. We take for granted that which is closest to us, such as our home. There are stories about stuff in your home, whether animal, vegetable or mineral. You just need to look for them; seeing in different way can help. I call it accidental seeing, because trying to find it usually doesn’t work. Email me your own photo awesomeness & I will post it. All rights are yours reserved.


Back Garden2




Backyard arbour in its fledgling stages, on its journey toward the sun.

Sydney back yard


DSCN4300 (800x600)




A plant is its own oasis in a dry place.

Sydney front yard


DSCN4283 (800x600)








DSCN4269 (800x600)





Yes blokes, even lavender can look cool

Sydney frontyard


DSCN2990 (800x600)





Portable lookout – genius

Sydney Backyard. I always knew turtles were smart


DSCN2979 (800x600)





Stealth catmeleon

Sydney backyard. Thinks it’s a tiger.


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