Photography & Stories

Photography & Stories is an area for stories, both fictional and factual. It is place where the stories, no matter what media used to portray them, inspire Australians into their unique character and calling. Examples are below.

You are welcome to submit a photo, story or similar that has some of ‘you’ in it, to share with others. Please submit them here. Nothing will be posted without your permission. Remember, this is public web page.

Many of the photos shown here are available for purchase in high res, mostly just for a dollar or two.*
Please contact Speaking Australian for further information.

* The terms of use of photos are quite liberal, except for specific on-selling of the photos or for use in major public media applications. For more info on Terms pls contact Speaking Australian


Angry bird (200x150)




Angry bird. And overly confident

 Amsterdam. This photo did not use zoomy bits whatsover


Goose-Song_Amsterdam (640x480)




2012: Goose being, well, a goose.
They do this kind of thing in Amsterdam for the tourists
‘Ooh, look at me, I am so balanced’


DSCN4074 (960x1280)



2014:  Great-billed Heron, native to Asia’s sub-continent (and Adelaide)

Why is it Australian? It wades a lot and prefers to spear its food,
rather than fly long distances and  exert effort to eat.
‘Why not be creative instead of working so hard?’ is its motto.
No, this photo is not doctored in any way. It is the sun reflection that makes the Torrens River actually look beautiful.



In your own back yard series:

Your own backyard has amazing photos if you look for them. It means something special to you as well. We take for granted that which is closest to us, such as our home. There are stories about stuff in your home, whether animal, vegetable or mineral. You just need to look for them; seeing in different way can help. I call it accidental seeing, because trying to find it usually doesn’t work. Email me your own photo awesomeness & I will post it. All rights are yours reserved.



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