Compact™ Garden Furniture

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The new Compact™ has the same features as the standard model. The L-shaped seating lifts up for storage. Great for balconies and small spaces. Fits neatly in corners. Product is supplied with a waterproof sewn liner insert to protect tiles, pavers & decking from dirt stains.
Water proof liner included with product:
Liner Bag - Compact



Alternatively, you can use the Polyethylene packaging the product comes in, as a liner to lay underneath the bed to ensure your baclony, pavers or decking does not get stained from soil marks. Make sure any water run-off from under the RGF# filters away from residential structures! Speaking Australian recommends using a spirit-level to ensure water run-off does filter away from residential structures, if not contained within a waterproof container.

Optional accessories:

  • Custom-made seat pads. Made in Australia, with 10yr warranty for the cover. For more colours, see the RGF Accessories page.

Seat Pad







To purchase accessories, please visit the buy page for options and qtys.

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