Healthy Living For Kids


Apart from the obvious healthy and long term cost benefits of growing your own veggies at home, there are other great health and social benefits of owning Speaking Australian™ raised garden beds & furniture.

If you have children or grandchildren (and their entourage of friends), then you will likely be always thinking of ways in which to keep them occupied without having them glued to the TV, their iPods, Gameboys, Xbox’s etc. Ideally you’d love for them to find interest in something a bit healthier for both body and mind.

A raised garden bed provides the following benefits for a home:

  • Encouraging consumption of healthier foods:
    When kids participate in growing their own fruit and veg, they are usually keener to eat the stuff as well!
  • Kids learning self-sustenance and confidence:
    If they want to help in the kitchen, kids have the opportunity to boast at school and to friends that they created a complete meal from scratch, including even growing the ingredients. Learning confidence in one area of responsibility usually results in that confidence flowing into other areas of their life.
  • Kids learning responsibility:
    Most kids love fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, etc and these can help excite children into tending the bed for you, so you don’t have to spend much time watering, weeding, sowing and feeding the garden yourself.
  • Kids learning life skills:
    Kids are learning young adult living skills of how not just to grow plants, but also how to keep them healthy, including what plants are affected by different bugs and diseases and how they can be managed.
  • Kids can develop a healthier mind body and spirit:
    Kids playing and working outside are expending energy and using their minds. This is a much healthier prospect than playing computer games and watching TV.
  • Kids get to experience the joy of success:
    Learning the joy of succeeding is a foundation for confidence and happiness. Tending a veg garden is a relatively risk free way of providing this opportunity for them. After all, it’s where the saying enjoying the “fruits of thy labour” literally comes from.


Healthy Living For Adults

There are many health and social benefits with growing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs with Speaking Australian™ raised garden beds & furniture

Apart from the obvious home grown benefits of fresh, chemical free produce at little to no cost, there are also the physical and aesthetic benefits:

  • Speaking Australian™ raised garden furniture is of standard seat height of a typical outdoor setting, and is easily strong enough to support seating for numerous adults.
  • Speaking Australian™ raised garden furniture provides an aesthetically pleasing quality piece of outdoor furniture that will blend in with an outdoor decking environment. You no longer need those tired old plastic or fold up chairs for when extra people, kids or grandkids visit.
  • Speaking Australian™ raised garden furniture means no more bending over or kneeling down. The width is designed so that all parts of the bed can be easily reached while seated. No more sore knees and backs! Great for people who may be at risk from or suffer from arthritic conditions and bad backs.
  • Because of its proprietary frame design, robust quality and completely Australian made materials and design,  Speaking Australian™ raised garden furniture will last for years, hence the generous Manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Speaking Australian™ raised garden beds & furniture can be placed on decking, pavers or directly on lawn or garden surfaces. Protective liner or accompanying packaging laid underneath is recommended. See Preparation documentation.
  • Basic occasional maintenance such as annual timber oiling and a hose/brush down of the steel walling will ensure it will look as a good as new for years.

Shelly loves the brand new raised garden furniture. She has storage for her garden tools for taking care of the plants. With the provided seating, she doesn’t feel tired after working on it for a while (and sneaking the odd snack when a fruit or veg matures!); she can even use it as a seated lunch or snack break without having to go back inside or find an outdoor chair.

Shelly is especially looking forward to the strawberries and cherry tomatoes maturing

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