Our Mission

Speaking Australian™ is a business dedicated to promoting all things uniquely great about Australia, its products and its people. We want to inspire people to enjoy what this great country has to offer, both in Australian made product and in revelation of this country’s character which we hope will encourage people to aspire towards their own unique identity and goals. We here at Speaking Australian™ hope to be inspired by your stories one day soon!

Tom Cudmore


The business was formally started by current Manager Thomas Cudmore in 2010. However, the idea has been a burning passion of his since he was 6 years old and got his first taste through television of some of the hardships that Australia and its people endure.

Thomas was born and has lived mostly in Sydney, but comes from an extended family of country farmers, including his own father.

Therefore Speaking Australian™ is passionate about this land and how it uniquely provides for Australians.

Speaking Australian™ Raised Garden Furniture is not a “green” business, but we are passionate about sustainability and recyclability, and that sustainability is particularly important when it comes to Australian made products and services that provide Australian jobs.

Other aspects of the Speaking Australian™ vision is promotion of media in particular in the form of Australian stories and photography. This is a current work in progress.


The Australian Story

Learn about Australia’s history and cultural richness that makes us so unique.

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